Mermaid Basics 

In our hour long introduction class, Mermaid Basics you learn how to swim with and get comfortable using a mermaid tail and monofin. In order to feel comfortable in a mermaid tail, you have to be comfortable in the water without one first.  To determine your comfort level, you are required to first demonstrate the following skills, a back float, a front float, roll from front to back, tread water for 1 minute, swim 25 yards unassisted and swim 25 yards unassisted while doing the dolphin kick.   After successful demonstration of those 6 skills, we will put on the tails and monofins, and learn basic body movements for most effective mermaid swimming and key safety moves and considerations when using a monofin.   We will then spend time practicing and playing.  We will also conduct a photo shoot so you can share pictures of your mermaid experience with friends and family.

Mermaid Basics classes are currently being scheduled at Pods Swimming in East Providence and the Wayland Community Pool.  Spaces are limited.

Mermaid Parties

Young or old, doesn't matter, the thrill of gliding through the water propelled by a mermaid tail is an experience you will love and will want to share with your friends.  Our Mermaid Parties are great for Birthdays, Bachelorette parties or even a fun Ladies' Night Out.


Totally customizable, we can provide just the pool and mermaid portion of the party or we can do a full mermaid theme party in and out of the water (additional charges apply).

More classes to come...



Swimming and exercising in a mermaid tail does wonderful things for your core while being so fun.  In our " Merobics" classes you will engage and strengthen your core while enjoying the grace and beauty of being in a mermaid tail.  Doing water aerobics moves with the added resistance of wearing a mermaid tail will have you looking and feeling mermaid beautiful in no time.

Mommy & Me Basics

What could be better than learning to swim in a mermaid tail with your favorite "little mermaid".  Our Mommy & Me Basics class is a great opportunity for Mommy and child to spend some fun time together learning how to swim in a mermaid tail as well as play and have fun with this unique activity.

Advanced Mermaiding


Once you have mastered the basics of swimming in a mermaid tail, now it's time to kick things up a little.  In Advanced Mermaiding, you will learn more advanced moves, tricks, posing, making you feel more and more like a real mermaid.

Watch this video to see if you are Mermaid ready

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